Najpopularnije skraćenice u engleskom jeziku

Skraćenice u engleskom jeziku zauzimaju značajno mesto tokom razgovora između tinejdžera, pa i onih malo starijih.

Sigurno ste upoznati sa skraćenicama kao što su bff, omg i lol, ali kako biste izbegli situacije u kojima ne razumete najbolje sagovornika, pogledajte objašnjenja najčešćih skraćenica u engleskom jeziku.

ASAP – As soon as possible

AKA – Also known as

AD – Awesome dude

BFN – Bye for now

BTW – By the way

B4 – Before

BC – Because

BW – Best wishes

BRB – Be right back

BBL – Be back later

BBS – Be back soon

BFF – Best friends forever

B3 – Blah, Blah, Blah

CYT – See you tomorrow

CUL – See you later

CWYL – Chat with you later

C-P – Sleepy

CTN – Cannot talk now

CUS – See you soon

CYT – See you tomorrow

DIY – Do it yourself

DOB – Date of birth

FYI – For your information

FAQ – Frequently asked questions

FOAF – Friend of a friend

GL – Good luck

GB – Good bye

GJ – Good job

GR8  – Great

HAGN – Have a good night

HF – Have fun

IDK – I don’t know

JIT – Just in time

J/K – Just kidding

JC – Just checking

KIT – Keep in touch

LOL – Laugh-out-loud

LTNS – Long time no see

LOL – Laughing out loud

L8R – Later

NYOB – None of your business

NP – No problem

OMG – Oh my God

PM – Private message

ROFL – Rolling on the floor laughing

TGIF – Thank god it’s friday

TY – Thank you

TY – Thank you

TTYL – Talk to you later

TBC – To be continued

UR – Your / You are

WC – Wrong conversation

WTG – Way to go

W8 – Wait

WB – Welcome back

YW – You’re welcome

2F4U – Too fast for you

2moro – Tomorrow

2nte – Tonight

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